Is Spirit airlines’ ‘Big Front Seat’ Really a Good Deal?

Spirit Airlines’ Big Front Seats, with their 36″ pitch and 18.5″ width, are not quite as large as the 38″ pitch, 20″ width seats you’re likely to get in first class on a major airline. However, they’re a lot bigger than the seats you’ll get in economy—and in some cases, a lot more affordable.As The…

Is Spirit airlines’ ‘Big Front Seat’ Really a Good Deal?

Spirit Airlines’ Huge Front Seats, with their 36″ pitch and 18.5″ width, are not quite as big as the 38″ pitch, 20″ width seats you’re most likely to get in very first class on a major airline. However, they’re a lot larger than the seats you’ll get in economy– and in many cases, a lot more inexpensive.

As The Points Guy describes:

A month from now, to fly from Houston to Las Vegas on a Friday night, Spirit Airlines wants $69 to fly in a small seat without a specific advance seat assignment (so you might land in a middle seat at check-in). Going for an assigned Big Front Seat would add $54, for a total of $124 for a quite comfortable trip to Vegas. ( Make sure and utilize the best credit card for airline tickets when making your purchase.)

United desires$ 211for the very same path at about the exact same time on a United’s Fundamental Economy plan, an inspected bag will cost you$30– but any carry-on bag bigger than a small personal product (which United determines as 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches) will immediately get inspected, and you’ll get charged a $25 gate dealing with charge on top of the $30 bag-check cost.

On Spirit, you get one totally free personal item (determining no more than 18 x 14 x 8 inches) no matter which seat you choose. Carry-on bag and checked-bag rates vary; when I ran the numbers on an IAH-LAS flight leaving August 7, carry-on bags cost $28 and the first checked bag cost $23

However, Spirit will cost you $10(each way) to check in with an airport agent, though you can sign in with or the Spirit mobile app totally free. Spirit likewise notoriously charges for all treats and beverages served throughout the flight, consisting of water.

So let’s utilize The Points Man’s numbers and think of that you’re going to fly one-way IAH-LAS on either a $124 Spirit Big Front Seat ticket or a $211 United Basic Economy ticket.

Let’s also think of that you’ll check a bag, including another $23 to your Spirit total and $30 to your United total.

At this point, the Spirit Big Front Seat alternative is still less expensive–$147 compared to United’s $241– and should stay that way after the last round of taxes and fees. It’ll still cost less overall even if you pay $10 to inspect in with a Spirit airport representative and buy water on the aircraft.

I ran the mathematics on a different theoretical schedule: ORD-LGA, leaving Wednesday August 7 and returning Saturday August10 With Spirit, the least pricey base fare costs $12848 Including the Big Front Seat costs $41 each method, for an overall of $24558 with taxes and costs. One carry-on bag will cost $37 each way and one checked bag will cost $32 each way.

With United, the least expensive Standard Economy fare costs $17581, and concerns $21760 with taxes and fees. That’s before paying $30 to check a bag and paying $25 $30 if you mistakenly bring a carry-on bag that does not fit the size limitations. In this case, United is cheaper if you want to fly Standard Economy instead of synthetic very first class.

The least expensive Fundamental Economy fare on American, if you desire another point of contrast, also costs $21760 with taxes and charges. You’ll pay $30 for an inspected bag, and both a carry-on and a little personal item are complimentary.

Obviously, all of this mathematics changes if you have a charge card that gets you complimentary bags on a particular airline company, or if you’re a member of the Spirit $9 Fare Club, or if you’re doing United Mileage Plus or paying for a Spirit Thrills Combination or benefiting from any of the other price-lowering uses that airline companies supply.

However The Points Guy’s assessment of Spirit’s Huge Front Seat– that it’s as comfy as a domestic very first class seat, and can be cheaper than a comparable economy flight if you do the mathematics— holds up.

So the next time you fly, ask yourself: is an almost-first-class seat experience at an economy price worth flying Spirit Airlines?

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