Here are Marques Brownlee of MKBHD’s top tech gadget gift ideas

YouTuber Marques Brownlee. MKBHD/YouTube Marques Brownlee of the MKBHD YouTube channel tells Business Insider his top five gadget gifts for the holidays.Thankfully, Brownlee’s gift ideas are totally reasonable, cool, and good pieces of tech that should be accessible to almost anyone. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.Marques Brownlee’s MKBHD YouTube channel has almost 10 million…

Here are Marques Brownlee of MKBHD’s top tech gadget gift ideas

mkbhd marques brownleemkbhd marques brownlee

YouTuber Marques Brownlee.

Marques Brownlee’s MKBHD YouTube channel has practically 10 million customers who want to hear his insights and viewpoints on the newest and most important customer tech of our time.

He answers some of the biggest and challenging questions and sifts through what’s dope, and what’s nope.

We’re all much better off with Brownlee and the MKBHD YouTube channel, but there’s a pushing question he still hasn’t answered: What should you present your family and friends for the holidays?

Thankfully, Brownlee sent over his list of top five gadget present concepts to Service Insider– do not worry, it does not include a $50,000 Mac Pro

Check it out:

1. Dbrand skins

dbrand skin mkbhd sponsor


Here’s what Brownlee states about the item:

” You understand what phone they have. But you don’t know what to get them. Easy. Get them a dbrand skin. Or get a couple. You get scratch security, color customization, and none of the bulk of a case (or threat of the recipient not liking it). Can’t actually go wrong here.”

We must make a required disclaimer that Dbrand is among the MKBHD channel’s leading sponsors. Still, as a quick, easy, economical present concept, a smart device skin is a respectable idea!

2. Google Nest Mini

Nest Mini Google Home


Here’s what Brownlee states about the product:

” Quite perhaps the easiest method to turn your house into a wise home. Once you get started, it simply makes sense to construct out the community of wise stuff around it.

3. AirPods Pro

airpods pro

Crystal Cox/Business Insider.

Here’s what Brownlee states about the item:

” They’re the headphones of2020 The initial AirPods were pretty excellent, adequate to shoot up to the # 1 most popular headphones on earth. These add a better fit, somewhat much better sound and surprisingly great active noise cancellation. It all adds up to enough of a change to make them the most convenient possible headphones for any iPhone user … And they even deal with Android.”

4. Moment lenses

Moment lenses

Sean Wolfe/Business Insider.

Smartphone cams are currently sprouting extra lenses, however there’s nothing like high quality glass and a totally new point of view.

5. Logitech MX Master 3

MX Master 3


Here’s what Brownlee states about the product:

” It’s just the best mouse I have actually ever used. And I have actually used a great deal of mice in the last 10 years. The shape, weight, smoothness, compatibility and function set are all top notch. It has USB-C. It has an amazing scroll wheel. It has recappable controls. It has a long battery life. What more could I request for? I have one for work and one for home.”



Marques Brownlee

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