Opacity Partners with Rubic to Cut Down on Crypto Fees

The data storage specialists at Opacity are proud to announce a new partnership with Rubic to cut down on costly cryptocurrency fees. With the new partnership between Opacity and Rubic, users who are concerned about privacy and digital security finally have the weapons to fight back against the surveillance state. Encrypted Storage Has Never Been…

Opacity Partners with Rubic to Cut Down on Crypto Fees

The information storage professionals at Opacity are happy to reveal a brand-new collaboration with Rubic to reduce pricey cryptocurrency charges. With the brand-new collaboration in between Opacity and Rubic, users who are worried about personal privacy and digital security lastly have the weapons to eliminate back versus the monitoring state.

Encrypted Storage Has Never Been More Affordable

Encrypted storage suppliers like Opacity are happy to use uncrackable information vaults to the general public, yet some fear that cloud storage services will constantly be too pricey for the traditional public to support. That’s beginning to alter now that Opacity is using more budget-friendly encrypted storage services with the addition of the Rubic widget to the Opacity platform.

Rubic lets Opacity users easily acquire cryptocurrency tokens that can be utilized to fund the expenses of information storage, all without compromising the extraordinary ease of usage that Opacity users enjoy. Users can now acquire OPCT tokens straight from the Opacity site through the Rubic widget. Rubic offers economical swaps, bridges, and innovative cross-chain routing services they originated.

By allowing one-step crypto-trading, Rubic permits users to purchase and offer tokens without the trouble of going to an exchange. Integrated with Opacity’s excellent storage services, the Rubic widget makes it safe, simple, and fast to safely save files online.

Rubic mores than happy to begin the collaborations in between our jobs,” kept in mind Rubic marketing supervisor Andrey Aksenov. ” One of the objectives of Rubic.exchange is to assist anybody to finish any kind of swap with one click. This collaboration will considerably assist users of the Opacity platform and will bring them a special service on the marketplace- Cross-Chain Routing, which will enable them to switch any ERC-20 token to any BEP-20 token.”

United In The Pursuit Of Privacy

This is terrific news for holders of the OPCT token, specifically as it piggybacks off the launch of Opacity Web 2.0. The current variation of the privacy-prioritizing cloud storage service is hence set to reach more users than at any other point in the platform’s history.

OPCT users have actually long depended on the token as not just an important financial investment however likewise an approach of spending for unequaled cloud storage services. They can now utilize Rubic’s multichain DeFi community for immediate swaps, and there are no limitations on immediate trades to be fretted about. The Rubic service does not even charge any company charges for instantaneous trades.

” Our collaboration with Rubic makes sure to make the Opacity platform more valuable to users than ever previously,” stated Opacity CEO Jason Coppola. “With Rubic on our group, Opacity can provide real privacy and digital security to the contemporary resident without compromising ease of usage.”

About Opacity Storage

Opacity is a next-generation cloud storage service provider that focuses on personal privacy and ease of usage. Produced by innovators who are dedicated to bringing the right to personal privacy into SaaS, Opacity allows freethinkers to rapidly download and submit their files in a safe and safe and secure style. Opacity is devoted to developing a storage and exchange market concentrated on specific users instead of business.

About Rubic

Rubic offers a one-stop decentralized platform for instantaneous cryptocurrency switching. As the developer of the world’s very first cross-chain routing service, Rubic has actually currently transformed the blockchain market. By punishing cryptocurrency rip-offs while offering liquidity and service services, Rubic is making sure cross-chain responsibility that crypto-enthusiasts can depend on.

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