Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin: See how his journey to space is taking flight

1 of 17 Blue Origin 2 of 17 Blue Origin New Shepard rocket launch Billionaire Jeff Bezos will head to space in a crew capsule escorted off the ground by a New Shepard rocket. The rocket system — named for Alan Shepard, the first American astronaut in space — has successfully completed a series of…

Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin: See how his journey to space is taking flight

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New Shepard rocket launch

Billionaire Jeff Bezos will head to area in a team pill accompanied off the ground by a New Shepard rocket. The rocket system– called for Alan Shepard, the very first American astronaut in area– has actually effectively finished a series of test launches. The July launch will be the very first with people on board.


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Checking the flight experience

Among heaven Origin team pill’s very first residents was a human-like dummy called Mannequin Skywalker. The mannequin took a flight with New Shepard in April 2021 The effective test flight set the phase for creator Jeff Bezos and team to require to the skies with a July 20 launch.

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Mannequin Skywalker

Blue Origin’s human-shaped stand-in, Mannequin Skywalker, required to suborbital area throughout a New Shepard test flight in2021 It would have taken pleasure in the views if it lived.


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Jeff Bezos for scale

Blue Origin creator Jeff Bezos, well-known for his Amazon-fueled billions, checked a booster on the landing pad after an effective test flight. The New Shepard rocket boosters are recyclable.


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Booster landing

Just Like SpaceX, Blue Origin has actually established a multiple-use rocket booster to assist keep expenses down for launches. The system is created to provide payloads to area and send out area travelers off on an 11- minute flight of a life time.


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Booster returns

This is the view from above as a New Shepard rocket booster returns down for a landing after doing its task.


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Parachuting down

A Brand-new Shepard unmanned team pill comes down from the skies throughout a test. The parachutes are developed to provide it a mild landing back in the world.


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Blue Origin area nest

Jeff Bezos will not be content with simply trucking around in suborbital area. He has a grand vision for an ultimate area nest, total with off-world environments created as parks.


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Blue Origin moon lander

Will Jeff Bezos wish to go to the moon one day? Heaven Origin Integrated Lander Lorry was among 3 moon landers in advancement for NASA. NASA chose a SpaceX moon lander for its Artemis program, however Blue Origin might possibly complete for future NASA agreements.


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Wally Funk

Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos will not be taking a trip alone when he leaves this rock on July20 The team will include his sibling Mark Bezos and 82- year-old pilot and aeronautics leader Wally Funk, who has actually never ever flown to area. This screenshot originates from when Bezos informed Funk about the strategies to check out suborbital area.


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Wally Funk

Blue Origin launched this classic picture when it revealed pioneering pilot Wally Funk would take a trip with Jeff Bezos to area. Funk and the Bezos bros will be signed up with by the winner of an auction for a seat on New Shepard. The high quote can be found in at $28 million (₤198 million, AU $363 million). The name of the winner has actually not yet been revealed.


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Take a Shepard seat

The Brand-new Shepard pill includes a trendy interior decoration with comfy seats targeted at making the journey to area a comfortable experience.


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Team pill interior

The Blue Origin New Shepard team pill holds up to 6 travelers and has big windows to offer broad views of Earth throughout flight.


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New Glenn

While New Shepard is managing suborbital flights, Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket will intend to go higher, sending out payloads and ultimately individuals into orbit. This is an illustration of what it may appear like. Will Bezos be on board one day? It might occur. Initially he’ll take a journey to suborbital area, even if he gets there after Richard Branson does.


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Blue Moon

in 2019, Jeff Bezos flaunted what Blue Origin’s Blue Moon lunar lander would appear like. The lander is developed to touch down on the moon’s surface area, providing freight or astronauts. The lander’s future doubts at this time as NASA moves on with its Artemis program to return people to the moon.

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